Baby Essentials Checklist

It is big news when you find out that you are pregnant and it can be overwhelming to think of what you will need to prepare when family tells you what not to eat and what to look out for, what not to do and so on and so on. But when it comes to Baby Essentials, we believe that's one thing we can help with. 

What Baby Essentials do you actually need? This is our Baby Essentials List

- Newborn Dribble Bibs : these beautiful collection of Newborn bibs, they aren't too big and they are just the right size to catch these little dribbles. Newborn and infants doesn't need the regular size bibs. These Newborn bibs are perfect for them. Click here to see our choices

- Burp Cloth : We love burp cloths, they serve a few different purposes all in one piece. Not only are they essential to make sure that the baby doesn't burp all over the clothing but they also maintain a hygienic environment while doing the burping. They can also be used as a comforter, baby shower time and feeding time. All from the same cloth. Click here to see our range  

 - Bathing Mittens : We designed our beautiful little mittens. They are perfect for the little nose, the little ears and the eyes and ears. Make sure you choose the bathing mittens that's made of Organic fabrics. They are very gentle to the skin and safe for babies to use as well. Click here to see our designs 

- Bunny Comforter : We all love something that's cute and beautiful. We don't always have anything cute in our house, but cute things actually makes you happy without doing anything to it. Bunny comforter is definitely a great choice, they will be the closest to your baby. While having something to cuddle in bed, or on the pram for nap times, make sure you check out the entire range that we have here 

- Pacifier Clips : These are one of the most essentials. You will never get to loose your pacifiers when you have these pacifier clips on. Follow the link for our selection 

- Dummy : We only agree that dummy are being used when they are going to sleep, they are very essentials for making them comfortable and they helps soothe the baby to sleep as well 

- All in One Body Suit : These are practical as they are absolutely simple to put on and no need to consider that the trousers or the top sits strange, these also have built in socks as well, perfect for Spring, Autumn and Winter seasons

- Zip Sleep Suit : Perfect for sleep and nap times. Easy to put on and pull off. The only suggestion is to get the zips one. Consider that many buttons to fasten, the baby is crying - the parents will for sure stress around and feel sorry for the baby. With a simple Zip, the fastening is done in seconds and baby is able to rest 

- Bodysuit : These are a must, they are essentials should the baby need a pair of trousers on and a top. If its too hot, they only need to wear this, if it get colder they can easily put on some layers without looking naked 

- Beanie Hat : With the weather nowadays, we get a bit of rain more than sun, especially in the UK. Having a hat in the rug sack or at home the baby doesnt need to worry about the weather, with a beanie hat, keeps the baby snug and warm from top to toe 

If you noticed what's not on here, please write to us so that we can suggest to our Community to check out your Newborn hacks