Insight of from our Designer - Sue

We have been thinking to launch a few new products but at the moment we are still in the process of making this work. We have been investigating over the past few weeks in fact months how we can make our dribble bibs suction better. Dribble bibs have been found to be better if the neck and chin are being rash-free and dry while using it, our mother group told us so. We trust them and they are the reason why we are here today

In order for dribble bibs to have the best suction we thought of changing our under layers. We are proud of the quality as well as the shape of our bibs however we need to improve the quality and functionality while our babies are wearing the bib

"Improve the quality and functionality while wearing the bib"


As a Designer for Little Scandi baby, we are constantly looking into ways to make our products better, our bibs better. How we do this is to make samples, test the new products, re-evaluate within the team and then we launch our new design to the public. Waterproof bibs using fabrics is our aim. We only use Organic OEKO TEX Certified 100 Standard fabrics for our bibs. Whether it's for bandana bib, ruffle bib, round bib, all our handmade bibs uses Organic OEKO TEX Certified fabrics

We are excited to make this happen. Please stay tuned to our new products that will eventually be out by January or February 2024 


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