Little Scandi baby Envision

Who likes to aim for their goals and achieve what they want? Let's envision Little Scandi Baby in 5 years:

  • We have already established the brand, with multiple shops selling our products both in-store and online.

  • We are selling our own printed designs, including bibs, blankets, duvet and pillow covers, as well as baby essentials, and our hot-selling vests.

  • We are expanding our vest designs, implementing new print concepts, and making them available in all sizes up to year 10.

  • We have a team working for Little Scandi Baby. Currently, it's just my husband and myself, but we aim to expand and build a team of talented, gifted, and passionate individuals.

  • We are expanding into the travel department, ensuring that we not only have more than enough but also focus on what we are good at and what we believe in.

These are the goals we've set, and we are working hard and praying towards them. In 5 years, we believe that we will not only have a brand that we are proud of but one that truly represents us. The foundation of our brand is built on the belief that every family with children deserves quality clothing and accessories that are not only safe for kids and babies but also serve the intended purpose of the product. We also hold the belief that every product should be crafted with quality, thoughtful design, and a contemporary touch.