The Tale about Little Scandi baby

Would you like to hear the tale of a young girl and her companions? Her name is Dolly, and she has friends in her garden. As her garden flourishes, she consistently forges new connections. Dolly's garden goes by the name of The Hemmelige Garden, where 'Hemmelig' in Danish translates to 'secret.' The beauty of this garden remains a secret to others, as no one is aware of it, and all the flowers, plants, and leaves within it are considered her friends.

Whether in stormy and cold weather or on sunny and hot days, Dolly is conscientious about tending to The Hemmelige Garden to ensure her friends are not harmed. The garden is also home to a unique playground called The Golden Legeplads, featuring a splendid handcrafted carousel adorned with a swan, horse, rabbit, giraffe, and reindeer. A hot air balloon can also be found in this distinctive playground. The Golden Legeplads stands apart from other playgrounds, and within its confines resides Little Scandi Baby.

Now, who is Little Scandi Baby? Contrary to what the name suggests, he's not an actual baby but a squirrel. He takes care of the playground, relishing in playtime and distinguishing himself as a well-mannered companion. Little Scandi Baby delights in helping others. He is a cheerful and courteous squirrel, truly unique in his joyful character