Tips For Parenting in Denmark

Denmark, as many of you know, is known for being the happiest country on earth. Regardless of age, the government takes good care of its citizens. But what does this mean for the Danish lifestyle, particularly for kids?

Having lived in Denmark for most of Sue's life, She noticed a distinct difference in childhood lifestyle compared to other countries such as England, Asia, and even other European countries.

In Denmark, you'll find parking spots for buggies so that toddlers and babies can sleep peacefully in the fresh air while their parents enjoy quiet time with family and friends.

In nurseries, Sue shared how she used to nap in the buggies in the fresh air, wrapped in thick, cozy duvets. It was the perfect spot for kids to rest and get fresh air.

Children in Denmark are very good at playing on their own. They don't watch a lot of TV on and would rather spend hours playing with toys. Danish kids, in general, are very independent and learn to entertain themselves. They're also exposed to nature and spend a lot of time playing in playgrounds and their gardens. Therefore to have a garden can be part of their childhood too

"Hygge" is a term that has gained popularity recently. While it doesn't have a direct English translation, it's closest to "cozy." Family is highly valued in Danish culture, with weekly gatherings for lunches and celebrations with cousins and relatives.

Denmark is primarily a Christian country, and children learn about Christianity in school.

Families in Denmark find activities to do together, watch less TV, and engage in more interactive pursuits. Sunday used to be closed for every type of shops, whether thats the supermarkets or corner shops, for many decades Sunday was known and still is known for a family day.

They instill discipline in their children, teaching them the importance of sitting at the table for meals without distractions like TV or phones. This is where "hygge" thrives, whether it's buying fresh bread on a Saturday morning and gathering around the table with various toppings and hams. Togetherness is highly valued.

Therefore, it's important not to underestimate the little things, as they all contribute to childhood memories. This emphasis on creating a strong foundation is why Denmark is known as the happiest place—it all starts from the roots. If you plant them well, they will blossom and shine simultaneously The Government are doing a great job in looking after their citizen

This is the Denmark we know it as - the greatest place and country to live in particularly for kids upbringing

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