We Recommend Flossie & George Brand

At Little Scandi baby, we prioritize several key elements: Quality, Design, Source of Materials, Playfulness, and Lifestyle. Everything we source, design, and brainstorm must align with at least a few of these categories, reflecting our broad focus. Whether it's baby dribble bibs, fabric choices for blankets, or design concepts, each aspect must resonate with our values.

In addition to our own brand, we've discovered a few favorite brands out there but we will introduce them in a series  as we truly admire them. These brands not only share some of the same values but are also worth exploring due to their remarkable qualities.

One such brand is Flossie & George. They embody sustainability, practicality, quality, and beauty, which have defined their identity. Their products offer exceptional quality while being sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, with a particular emphasis on trendy colors. From baby to 14 years old, their range is extensive, catering to various age groups. That itself is WOW !

Flossie & George prioritize quality over quantity, a principle driven by their founder, Ashleigh. She identified a gap in the market for high-quality, sustainable, and practical clothing that also exuded beauty. This realization inspired her to create Flossie & George, ensuring that children have access to durable, quality and sustainable  clothing options. Today, their catalog boasts a diverse array of choices.

Among our top three favorites from Flossie & George are which was hard to narrow down, we finally came up with the top 3 choices that you need to check out today:

  1. Dungarees/All-in-Ones with Personalized Initials
  2. Sleepsuits in Stunning Pastel Colours
  3. Kids Waterproof Raincoat with Cotton Lining - Quality and Colour Choices are really beautiful


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