You are more than what you think

Have you ever been in situations where you are determined to complete something but you wonder how you will get there because it seems so hard and impossible?

Do you have a dream you want to fulfil but you find obstacles in front of you? Sometimes going backwards and you are back at square one?

Does it feel difficult when you want to save money but there seems to be a hole in your pocket and the money seems to go down an invisible drain?

Do you feel you are in the wrong job but how can you jump to your right career?

Life are filled with challenges but they are not impossible to overcome. Challenges have been put it front of you so that you can grow stronger and utilise a new skill at a later time when you least expect. You will only grow stronger and wiser by taking up the challenges in front of you. 

People train up their muscles so that they are stronger and for better health. In the same way, you can build resilience to overcome the obstacles and doubts in front of you. Have you ever heard about the Sequoia Tree? In order for it to grow strong and tall, it has the strength to grow through all kinds of weather conditions.

What if I say to you, ‘the Sequoia Tree needs these weather conditions to grow stronger'. A different perspective helps you to see something in a different light and overcome any self-doubt.

Instead of being consumed by self-doubt or comparing with others,

  • go for a walk or a place where you are free of distractions
  • think of the scenario from different perspectives (for example what your future self will think if you achieve X)
  • use the positive perspective to change your current mindset
  • change will only happen when you let it so go for it!


Drawing by Charlie Mackesy