Neutral Baby Bib

Neutral Baby Bib

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Rounded Dribble Bib Are The New Trend. We Set The New Baby Trend Bibs & We Make A Difference

Our Floral round neckline Dribble Bibs, available in a variety of patterns, are made exclusively from Oeko Tex Organic muslin fabrics. The time when teething & weaning comes to play, we have got our solutions designed for you

With side fastening options, these dribble bibs are not only functional but also stylish. Embrace the charm of our floral design, adding a touch of seasonal elegance to your little one's attire. The thoughtful combination of practicality and aesthetics makes these bibs also known as drool catchers a delightful choice for both parents and their stylish little ones

Whether you have a baby shower to attend, a birthday coming up, or simply for your baby, we invite you to try our products today.

You may ask whether these dribble catchers are suitable and safe for 2-month-old babies. Certainly, but only use while feeding and under supervision as anything can be a risk for strangling at their age. These drool cloths are not as huge as many drool cloths in the market. 

These drool cloths are

  • Measured 18cm wide and 8cm deep 
  • Organic Oeko Tex Certified
  • Suitable for baby & Toddler


For newborns from the age of 6m+ we recommend you look into using drool cloths these drool cloths are a great choice. They are not too thick and are breathable, made of 2 layers of Organic Oeko Tex Fabrics. The fastening is one the side, making it easy for parents to use

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