Small Bib - Sky Blue

Small Bib - Sky Blue

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You Choose The Colour - We Got The Sizes Sorted

Our Small Bib is made of Organic Cotton jersey

At the time when teething & weaning come into play, we have our solutions designed for your little ones

Our Small Bib in Misty Pink is handmade and is suitable for babies and toddlers who are teething but only with a few dribbles. These baby miniature are still tiny and don't need a big bib around them, especially if they don't dribble a lot or if they are at the end of the teething and dribble a tiny bit, these little drool catcher comes in handy. They are just the right size for the little early or late dribble

We have the classic-sized drool catchers that you can find in this link which are bigger and able to catch the bigger dribbles 


Our dribble catchers are all made of Organic fabrics.

Size of the bib: 17cm Long x 6cm Deep


Whether you have a baby shower to attend, a birthday coming up, or simply for your baby, we invite you to try our products today

Our small dribble catchers comes in a few different colours. Little Scandi baby is proud to present our customised service to you.

Take a look at our alternative colour for the same style below and also other dribble bib designs that you may like too, our Waterproof Drool Catchers


Did you know we have the same style but in another colour, check it out now